Manual Exposure Mode Versus Aperture Priority

Manual Exposure Mode Versus Aperture Priority

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The appropriate camera settings are vital to capturing excellent and stunning special-event images especially in cases where the light is low. You can start off by capturing images using aperture priority mode in which case set the aperture that best suits you and let the camera set its shutter speed. This is an especially important feature for beginners who can quickly get overwhelmed by concerts and other special events and forget to set their cameras correctly. In such cases, using the manual mode is the best option because it will give you the flexibility you need to set ISO, shutter speed and aperture. Also, it is important to constantly check your screen to ensure that the exposure is sufficient.

Set your camera at the lowest aperture number

You will soon find that when deciding on which lenses to use during special events, you will often come to a similar conclusion; that fast lenses shot at wide open mode provide the best images. Ensure that your aperture is at the lowest number as it leads to the best exposure.

Do not slow the shutter speed down

In many special events, subjects are often moving and jumping from one side to the other. Therefore, you have to use a fast enough shutter speed to capture these moments. For example, you can set the speed at 1/200sec so that you do not get blurred images.

High film speed

This translates to the sensitivity of a digital sensor or an analog film. When you set your ISO at higher values, you will require less light for an excellent shot. It depends on the type of the camera you are using, but a good point at which to start for an ISO setting is at 1600.

Below are some other tips for getting the best images out of special events.

  • Set the internal light meter of the camera to spot metering
  • Utilize the central focus point especially in occasions with low light
  • Make use of the setting for auto white balancing
  • Use the burst or multiple shot modes
  • Do not use flash
  • Utilize the raw format

Be sure that following these simple guidelines all your photos will be awesome!

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