Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

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Portrait photography is one of the most common techniques used in wedding photography. Portraiture can, however, be a bit monotonous, especially when taken in the traditional sense of a portrait photograph. However, these images can be spiced up a little by using various techniques. Below are some tips that can be useful in taking stunning portrait shots.

  • Frame

Framing is an excellent technique that can be used to make portrait pictures look better as it draws attention to a unique element of the picture by framing it with another image aspect. Framing often gives an image some depth and draws attention to it. For example, the photographer can have the subject put their hands around their face or peek through a small gap.

  • Use a Wider Angle

Taking photographs with wide angle lenses can be useful when it comes to creating shots that are not only memorable but stunning. You can create some incredible distortions at large focal lengths. For example, taking photos at such lengths can enlarge parts of the body or face that are at the edges of the frame more than the elements in the middle. The technique can also give a dramatic and wide open effect when the photograph is taken with an impressive background.

  • Use a Variety of Backgrounds

Although the people in the image are the key points of interest, it is also advisable to place them in a variety of settings with different backgrounds to change the mood in a picture. You can use dramatic, minimalist or colorful backgrounds to bring different attitudes to each shot.

  • Play with the Format Framing

Do not get stuck with using only one framing, for example, landscape or portrait. Just because you are shooting a portrait image does not mean that you cannot use other frames. Use a blend of the framing to add variety to your shots.

  • Hold the Camera at Various Angles

You can also increase the diversity of the shots by holding the camera in different positions and angles. For example, you can keep it at a diagonal angle to inject some fun into the shoot.

  • Yes, You do not Always Have to Use Sharp Focus in Every Shot

Taking out-of-focus shots can create pictures with real interest, emotion, and mood. For example, you can choose to focus on one aspect of the frame and leave the subject of the portrait in the background.

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  1. It’s very cool to make portrait photos in non-standard places. Although you have a fundamental focus on the person in the photo, but in fact the background is very important.

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